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Discover the wide selection of Work gloves present in King Kong Work and choose the perfect model for your company. Our specialized customer service will help you choose the ideal type of Work gloves. You will have the possibility to customize any Work gloves with your logo in a simple and fast way.

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When is it mandatory to wear work gloves?

Safety work gloves are mandatory in most work environments, as they protect the hands from various types of hazards, such as cuts, abrasion, heat and contamination.

What are the regulations governing the use of work gloves?

The regulations governing the use of work gloves are as follows:

  • EN388/2016+A1:2018 is the standard par excellence, found in almost all work gloves as it indicates the degree of protection from mechanical risk and, specifically, the numbers shown in the pictogram, list the various requirements:
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Blade-cut resistance
    • Tear-resistance
    • Puncture-resistance
    • Lateral cut-resistance
    • Impact resistance

  • EN407 Protection of work gloves against thermal hazards (heat and/or fire), specifically:
    • Resistance to flammability
    • Resistance to heat contact for 15 seconds
    • Resistance to convective heat
    • Resistance to radiant heat
    • Resistance to small splashes of molten metal
    • Resistance to large splashes of molten metal

  • EN12477:2001 Specific standard for welders' work gloves
    This standard indicates the performance of welders' work gloves, classifying them into two types:
    • TYPE A: Low dexterity (high levels of performance)
    • TYPE B: High dexterity (low levels of performance)

  • EN374 Specific standard for work gloves that protect against chemical hazards and microorganisms EN ISO 374
    • TYPE A: High chemical content
    • TYPE B: Medium chemical content
    • TYPE C: Low chemical content

  • EN ISO 374 Specific standard for work gloves that are resistant to chemical degradation

  • EN 16350:2014 Standard for the protection of work gloves against electrostatic charge

  • EN ISO10819 Standard for gloves that protect against mechanical shock and vibration

  • EN455:200 Mandatory standard for disposable surgical gloves

  • CE Foodsafe European standard that allows gloves to be in contact with foodstuffs

  • EN381 Standard indicating specific protection for chainsaw gloves (chain protection)

How to choose the right work gloves for your company:

Work gloves are the P.P.E. par excellence that is most complex for a company to choose, as there are many models that are seemingly similar to each other but have very different functions and materials. In our online store, under the section work gloves, you will find a specific breakdown of the various categories of safety gloves, the most popular categories are:

Please note that our salespeople are available to advise you on the most suitable model of work gloves for your business.



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