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Noise-canceling headphones PROMPT DELIVERY

The best online bargains to buy Noise-canceling headphones

Discover the wide selection of Noise-canceling headphones present in King Kong Work and choose the perfect model for your company. Our specialized customer service will help you choose the ideal type of Noise-canceling headphones. You will have the possibility to customize any Noise-canceling headphones with your logo in a simple and fast way.

Discover our catalog of Noise-canceling headphones

Classic Ear Protector
€5.12 (VAT excl.)
Lightweight and robust the PW40 is suitable for all day comfort. Excellent attenuation rate.

Clip-On Ear Protector
€9.24 (VAT excl.)
The protectors can be put into the stand off position. Compatible with Expertbase helmets and PW51.

Comfort Ear Protector
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€10.58 (VAT excl.)
This ear protector is constructed to be both durable and ultra lightweight. It has broad foam cushions high impact ABS cups (filled with sound absorbing foam) and comfort headband.

Cuffie Premium Clip-On
€16.21 (VAT excl.)
High quality Clip-On headset with the same ear cups as the PS46 Premium headset. Easy to attach and compatible with Endurance, Height Endurance and Expertbase safety helmets. Attention: Attenuation performance varies...

The noise-canceling headphones are part of the family of personal hearing protection devices such as disposable earplugs and molded earplugs.

They fit over the ears and are connected by a headband that goes over the wearer's head.B They dull surrounding sounds thanks to the two pads that surround the wearer's ear, isolating it. To effectively protect against the sound environment, noise-canceling headphones must exert constant pressure on the wearer's ears. In fact, even the slightest leakage in airtightness greatly reduces the effectiveness of the protection, thereby increasing the risk of damaging the wearer's hearing.B In our store you will find many models of anti-noise headsets suitable for all your work needs, from the best brands and prices.



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