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Discover the wide selection of Construction helmets present in King Kong Work and choose the perfect model for your company. Our specialized customer service will help you choose the ideal type of Construction helmets. You will have the possibility to customize any Construction helmets with your logo in a simple and fast way.

Discover our catalog of Construction helmets

BizWeld Plus Welding Helmet
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€57.04 (VAT excl.)
Auto-darkening welding helmet which switches from a light to dark state when welding activity starts. Light state is DIN 4; Dark state is adjustable from DIN 9 to DIN 13 using the external knob. Response time from...

Climbing Helmet
€13.02 (VAT excl.)
Vented helmet adapted for working at heights. High wearing comfort polyethylene shell six points harness buckle adjustment. Supplied with sweat band and 4 points chin strap (Y style).

€11.66 (VAT excl.)
Fabric interior (with 4-point chin strap), harness with neck adjustment between 53 and 62 cm, assembled sweatband, 440V AC electrical insulation Weight 325 gr. thermal resistance: from + 50 ° C to -20 ° C

ELMETTO arancio
€5.13 (VAT excl.)

Endurance Carbon Look Helmet
€22.26 (VAT excl.)
Endurance vented helmet with ABS shell and 6 points textile harness. Wheel ratchet adjustable size 56-63cm. Innovative eye catching carbon fibre design manufactured from permanent high quality hydro dipped paint. Sold...

Endurance Glowtex Helmet
€17.22 (VAT excl.)
Endurance helmet with 6 points textile harness and wheel ratchet adjustable size 56-63cm. The ABS shell is made with special photo-luminescent additive colour that accumulates the light in well lit places and release...

Endurance Helmet
€13.61 (VAT excl.)
Endurance vented ABS shell helmet without retractable visor. Improved - sold with 4 points chin strap included.

Endurance Plus Helmet
€13.44 (VAT excl.)
Endurance Plus ABS shell helmet now available without retractable visor. Improved - sold with 4 points chin strap included.

When is it mandatory to wear a construction helmet?

The construction helmets, also known as hard hats, are mandatory in all work environments where there is a possibility of falling objects from height or where there is a danger of hitting the head against hard parts.B

This is one of the most important PPEs, in fact, the construction helmet allows you to avoid major accidental trauma, which is why even if not mandatory it is often recommended.

What are the regulations governing the use of construction helmets?

The regulations governing the use of construction helmets are as follows.

  • EN397:2012 This standard specifies that the construction helmet has successfully passed the various tests to which it is subjected

A. Impact test

B. Penetration test

C. Flammability test

D. Test of resistance to extreme temperatures

E. Testing of electrical properties

F. Lateral deformation test

G. Molten metal splash resistance test

  • EN50365:2002 This standard specifies that the construction helmet is composed of insulating material and therefore can be used on low-voltage systems on installations not exceeding 1500 VDC

  • EN12492:2012 This standard indicates that the construction helmet can also be used by mountaineers, such as those carrying out rescue at height, as it ensures that the helmet is not inadvertently removed.

How to choose the right construction helmets for your company:

In our online store you will find many types of construction helmets, which are specifically divided into:

Classic construction helmets

Scaffolding helmets (without visor)

Construction helmets with chin straps

Breathable construction helmets

Construction helmets with integrated visor

In addition, many of the construction helmets offered on our site are suitable for supporting accessories such as headphones, lamps, and visors.B

How to customize construction helmets with your company logo:

Making a customized construction helmet gives a lot of professionalism to the company's workers who constantly wear it every day. To apply your logo to the construction helmet, simply request a quote by attaching your logo, and you will immediately receive a graphic draft of the construction helmet with the logo already applied in the front or side position, or both depending on your preference.

Please note that our salespeople are available to advise you on the right construction helmet model for your business.



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