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Discover the wide selection of Disposable overalls present in King Kong Work and choose the perfect model for your company. Our specialized customer service will help you choose the ideal type of Disposable overalls. You will have the possibility to customize any Disposable overalls with your logo in a simple and fast way.

Discover our catalog of Disposable overalls

BizTex Microcool Coverall Type 5/6
€220.28 (VAT excl.)
This coverall offers enhanced comfort and protection. It offers Type 5 and 6 protection with a breathable comfort panel. The unique design encompasses a combination of two fabrics BizTex SMS and BizTex Micro beginning...

BizTex Microporous Coverall Type 3/4/5/6
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€14.85 (VAT excl.)
This coverall offers exceptional mechanical strength liquid and particulate protection. The durable microporous polypropylene laminate provides an excellent barrier to chemical spray and infective agents. The fabric’s...

BizTex Microporous Coverall Type 4/5/6
€289.58 (VAT excl.)
The Microporous Coverall offers excellent chemical biological and dust protection. Ultra low linting with bound tape seams an extremely effective barrier to chemicals. Ergonomical design for unrestricted movement...

BizTex Microporous Coverall Type 5/6
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€174.49 (VAT excl.)
The spacious design guarantees a good fit and will not limit job performance. Made up of millions of polyethylene fibres that are spunbonded giving an excellent barrier toughness and strength in all directions....

BizTex Microporous Coverall with Boot Covers Type 5/6
€210.38 (VAT excl.)
Lightweight durable coverall with superior breathability and comfort. Providing liquid-proof particle-proof protection with a layer of bacteria filtration. This coverall includes a shoe cover which has slip resistant...

BizTex SMS Coverall Type 5/6
€181.34 (VAT excl.)
This SMS coverall is generous fitting and easy to put on over work clothes. Offers excellent protection to Type 5 & 6. High tear and abrasion resistance make it highly durable. Features include elasticated hood...

BizTex SMS Coverall With Knitted Cuff Type 5/6
€182.74 (VAT excl.)
Highly breathable SMS material. Knitted cuffs and elastic waist and ankles for a better fit and freedom of movement. Low-linting/Anti-static treatment.

BizTex SMS FR Coverall Type 5/6
€205.84 (VAT excl.)
The SMS FR Coverall was developed using innovative non-woven fabric technology. The fabric is breathable generously cut and comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. The main characteristic of this coverall...

Coverall PP 40g
€265.65 (VAT excl.)
This popular disposable coverall is used widely across many industries. It is designed with elasticated stitching around the hood both the leg and sleeve hems and elasticated stitch detail around the waist making it a...

€36.47 (VAT excl.)

€6.37 (VAT excl.)

Disposable overalls, characteristics and differences

Disposable coveralls are part of the disposable clothing essential in work circumstances where there is a risk of contamination or simply where substances are present that tend to stain the work clothing underneath. Disposable overalls are used in a wide variety of industries, specifically by asbestos disposal, waste disposal, and landscaping firms.

There are really so many types of disposable overalls on the market, in photos they seem very similar, but in reality they have important differences, below we see the main categories of disposable overalls:

  • TNT Non-woven fabric disposable overalls: Non-woven fabric is a very lightweight fabric that protects the operator from dust and dirt. TNT disposable coveralls are especially suitable for green maintenance work or moving objects in the presence of dust. This type of disposable suit has no certification
  • SMS or polypropylene disposable overalls: disposable overalls made of polypropylene are very durable as they are composed of multiple layers of synthetic fabric, and always come with certifications
  • Microporous disposable overalls: microporous protective overalls are always made of polypropylene and have holes that allow breathability but not contamination from the operator to external objects. They are widely used in the food industry, as with these suits the operator works comfortably without contaminating food.
  • Laminated fabric disposable overalls: laminated fabric disposable overalls are highly protective, as this type of fabric does not allow liquids and external agents to enter. They are indispensable for those in the sewage disposal, asbestos disposal, and garbage disposal industries.
  • Disposable overalls with integrated socks: ideal in high-risk environments, this type of disposable overalls features socks integrated with the suit to provide greater protection and lower the risk of liquid or external agent penetration.
  • High-visibility disposable overalls: this type of disposable overalls combines visibility with protection, mainly used on road construction sites when there is the presence of materials that would ruin the high-visibility workwear worn under the overalls.

What certifications must disposable coveralls have?

The certifications of the disposable overalls listed below are designed according to the agent from which they are to protect, it is very important to select the disposable overalls with the right certifications, and our salespeople will help you with this:

EN14605:2005+A1:2009 specific standard indicating liquid protection (type 3) and spray protection (type 4)

EN14605 Watertight overalls (type 3) this standard indicates that the overalls protects against strong chemical liquid jets, type 4 protects against chemical liquid splashes

EN ISO 13982 (type 5) indicates watertight protection from hazardous dry particles

EN13034: 2005 (Type 6) protection from sprays of chemical or mist liquids in the atmosphere

EN1149-5: 2018 electrostatic protection requirements, disposable overalls that hold this certification if nicked by sparks prevent ignition.

EN14126: 2003 regulations governing the protection of disposable coveralls from infectious agents

EN1073-2: 2002 disposable overalls indicated against radiation protectionB

EN ISO 14116: 2015 safety regulations indicating the reduction of possibility that the disposable overalls can ignite

How to choose the right disposable overalls for your work

Our sales staff will help you choose the ideal disposable overalls for your business by selecting the right certifications, sizes and colors; in fact, white, blue, yellow and orange overalls are in stock for prompt delivery.



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