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Discover the wide selection of Disposable gowns present in King Kong Work and choose the perfect model for your company. Our specialized customer service will help you choose the ideal type of Disposable gowns. You will have the possibility to customize any Disposable gowns with your logo in a simple and fast way.

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Camice antimicrobico
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€23.93 (VAT excl.)
Superior quality lab coat with antimicrobial finish. It kills 99.9% of bacteria and controls numerous odor-causing microorganisms that can accumulate in the fibers from skin contact and washing. The use of high...

BizTex SMS Coat Type PB [6]
€109.73 (VAT excl.)
Provides a fluid and particulate barrier to protect the worker without sacrificing mobility and comfort. Stud front closing.

€46.48 (VAT excl.)

Disposable Visitors Coat PP
€173.25 (VAT excl.)
Available in five generous sizes this jacket is worn extensively in food processing plants laboratories and other various clean areas. The front fastens with poppers and each coat is individually wrapped.

Disposable gowns, when to use them in your company

Disposable gowns are indispensable on many work occasions, especially when there is a risk of contamination of the upper body, or when there is a risk of getting dirty with substances that could damage the workwear underneath.

Which disposable gowns to chooseB

Disposable gowns can be made of different materials, the most common are those made of TNT non-woven fabric used to protect from dust nonaggressive substances, other popular disposable gowns are those made of SMS polypropylene, water-repellent and durable, ideal if there is a danger of contamination with infectious substances, also they are available sterile and nonsterile.

Along with the disposable gowns generally the various disposable accessories are also required such as disposable socks, sleeves and boot covers.

Our salespeople will help you choose the right disposable gowns for your business needs.



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