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The best online bargains to buy Workwear

Discover the wide selection of Workwear present in King Kong Work and choose the perfect model for your company. Our specialized customer service will help you choose the ideal type of Workwear. You will have the possibility to customize any Workwear with your logo in a simple and fast way.

Discover our catalog of Workwear

€31.05 (VAT excl.)
CE CAT. I - EN ISO 13688: 2013 Composition: 100% cotton

Maglione collo a "V" colore blu
€41.61 (VAT excl.)
Solid color knitted sweater on a straight machine, gauge 12, stitched with linking machine, cuffs at the bottom with reinforcing elastic.

€16.71 (VAT excl.)

€18.23 (VAT excl.)

Pantalone multitasche
€28.22 (VAT excl.)
Canvas fabric Weight 250 g / m2 2 front pockets at the waist open laterally 1 right leg side pocket with flap and velcro with mobile phone pocket and pen holder 1 left leg side pocket with flap and velcro 2 rear...

How to choose workwear

Choosing the right workwear for your company means offering comfort and protection to your employees and having a professional image towards the customer.
Precisely for this reason we decided to create a specialized staff ready to assist you in choosing your workwear, from model to size, in this way you will save time and receive the perfect workwear for your business needs.
Certainly the first selection to make is the one regarding seasonality. On our site you will find a section dedicated to summer workwear and one specifically for winter workwear.

Thanks to numerous collaborations with leading European brands of workwear manufacturers, we can offer your company a wide range of work clothes suitable for any work sector; from uniforms for restaurants and catering to technical workwear for waste disposal, industrial maintenance; from construction clothing for the building industry to clothing for the agricultural sector.

Some of the best Workwear Brands we market online you can find:

  • James Ross Collection: among the world's best brands in workwear, it ranks with truly excellent value for money. The products are finished in detail and comfortable to wear.

  • Rossini: historic manufacturer of high-quality workwear with durable seams and a modern line that guarantees the satisfaction of even the most demanding customer.

  • Blue Tech: small 100% Italian company that has been present in the area for years. Specializing in the production of general workwear, Blue Tech workwear quotes are very competitive, ideal for those who need large quantities.

  • Isacco: a leading Italian company in the production of workwear for restaurants and catering, makes its garments with innovative fabrics and excellent quality.

  • Portwest: one of the world's largest manufacturers of safety and workwear. Our catalog features all Portwest lines made for any work requirement. Certainly one of the great advantages of buying workwear from this manufacturer is the wide selection and fantastic durability of the product, which in this case is designed in Ireland. Thanks to Portwest we can also boast a wide selection of women's workwear, designed for female workers who want to work protected without sacrificing style.

  • Sottozero: Italian brand that makes quality workwear at the right price. its catalog contains a limited amount of products but available in many different colors and sizes
  • Bonetti: Italian brand ultra-specialized in the production of trivalent and multinorm clothing. Bonetti is the solution for those seeking specific garments with trivalent or pentavalent certification, which are increasingly used in hazardous work environments.B

Workwear regulations

What regulations must my workwear have?
This is a question we are asked very often by our customers, let's clarify.
Workwear is a very broad category that is part of the world ofaccident prevention clothing and PPE, the difference lies in the certification; workwear requires certification only in case it protects against specific hazards such as:

  • Low visibility: in low visibility situations it is mandatory to wear thehigh visibility clothing.

  • Rain or snowfall: when carrying out activities involving exposure to the elements, it is necessary to wear waterproof workwear. Our online store carries both this type of clothing and breathable work clothes.

  • Cutting hazard: when sharp objects are present in the work environment or there is a risk of cutting injuries, it is good practice to usecut-resistant clothing.

  • Chemical exposure: if one's work involves possible contact with chemicals, it is of paramount importance for the operator to wear themultinorm work clothing.

  • Exposure to sparks or heat: when a heat source is present in your work activity, you should wear heat-resistant clothing which significantly prevents any burn injury.

All common work clothing, i.e., not worn for the purpose of specific protection but only for an aesthetic factor of the company, is enclosed in the category general work clothing.

Customized workwear with company logo

Making custom workwear online with King Kong Work is so easy, we explain how to do it:

  1. Send your request for quotation specifying: the type of work being done, or the garments you have already selected, detail of sizes and colors desired. Finally, attach the logo you would like to apply to the clothing.

  2. One of our salespeople will contact you to propose the products best suited to your business needs. You will also receive a graphic draft of the work clothes you choose with your logo applied so that you can see the final result before confirming the quote.

  3. You can choose, with the help of one of our salespeople, from the different types of customizations for your workwear. To learn more, visit our page devoted to different types of customization.

After confirming the quote you will receive your customized clothing directly to your company within 10 working days.B



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