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Garbage disposal clothing

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Acquista Garbage disposal clothing su King Kong Work. Se sei alla ricerca di Garbage disposal clothing King Kong Work ti propone un vasto assortimento di Garbage disposal clothing adatto a qualsiasi esigenza della tua azienda. Il nostro servizio clienti è sempre a tua disposizione per consigliarti il miglior Garbage disposal clothing. La spedizione è garantita entro 24/48 ore dall’ordine.

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14 inch (35cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve
€4.54 (VAT excl.)
Cut level D protective tubular sleeve offering cut and heat resistance for wrist and arm area. Thumb hole for secure fit. Machine washable. Sold singly.

18 Inch(45cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve
€5.63 (VAT excl.)
Cut level D protective tubular sleeve offering cut and heat resistance for wrist and arm area. Thumb hole for secure fit. Machine washable. Sold singly.

22 Inch (56cm) Cut Resistant Sleeve
€6.30 (VAT excl.)
Cut level D protective tubular sleeve offering cut and heat resistance for wrist and arm area. Thumb hole for secure fit. Machine washable. Sold singly.

Giacca 3 in 1 PW3 Hi-Vis colore Orange/Black
€92.74 (VAT excl.)
The PW3 3-in-1 Jacket is an excellent choice for workers who value versatility and practicality. The jacket has a high visibility class 3 waterproof outer part and a detachable inner sweatshirt attached with zip, both...

3-in-1 Bomber Jacket
€70.14 (VAT excl.)
Versatile and comfortable protection against all weather conditions. The detachable fur lining and collar in combination with the zip-out sleeves prove this is a superbly adaptable garment. Numerous zipped outer and...

Guanto in maglia metallica 45cm
€171.36 (VAT excl.)
Il guanto in maglia metallica offre una protezione eccezionale della mano e dell'avambraccio. Ambidestro include il cinturino per una maggiore sicurezza. Perfetto per gli ambienti di lavorazione della carne quando la...

€91.73 (VAT excl.)
High shoe, IDROTECH® WRU oiled grain leather thickness 1,8-2,0 mm, with reflective insert. Heel in IDROTECH® WRU Nubuck grain leather thickness 1,8-2,0 mm. Soft Windtex® waterproof membrane lining, with excellent...

Amber Cut - Nitrile Foam
€4.96 (VAT excl.)
A level B cut resistant liner for low risk cut protection and nitrile foam dipping for enhanced grip. Bright orange liner provides easy identification.

Garbage disposal clothing

The workwear used in the collection, sorting and disposal of waste has multiple functions, first of all that of protecting the operator from any type of contamination, whether of a chemical or biological nature. The second important task of waste collection clothing is to make the operator visible and recognizable by other colleagues, especially by those who are maneuvering the various vehicles and machinery present in the workplaces used for the disposal and collection of waste. Finally, another function of clothing for waste disposal is to ensure good resistance to cutting and penetration by external bodies, since the nature of the objects with which the operator comes into contact is uneven.

King Kong Work specializes in the supply ofhigh visibility clothing for waste disposal , including large ones, dedicated to companies that dispose, transform and regenerate waste . Precisely for this reason in recent years we have strongly expanded the entire range of high visibility clothing and high visibility clothing in blue , green-blue , green-yellow , red-yellow , color combinations used characteristics of this sector used to distinguish the operator. which disposes of waste from all other road operators and not present in public and urban environments. All the garments on our online store comply with the current regulations regarding high visibility clothing :

EN ISO 20471: 2017 "high visibility clothing"

Ministerial Decree of 9 June 1995 "Technical regulations on the requirements relating to clothing and autonomous devices to make personnel working on the road in poor visibility conditions visible from a distance"

 DM10 / 97 "Implementation of directives 93/68 / EEC, 93/95 / EEC and 96/58 / EC relating to PPE"

UNI EN 20471: 2017 standard "high visibility clothing" "High visibility clothing - Test methods and requirements"

In addition to guaranteeing compliance with all the certifications and requirements set by the regulations, King Kong Work ensures a high quality of the fabrics that make the garments resistant and durable. We collaborate only with the best companies in the world to provide the customer with the best products for his clothing supply for the collection of solid and liquid waste .

Waste collection clothing customized with company logo

All clothing for waste disposal can be customized with your company logo , which is generally affixed to the heart and shoulders, so as to clearly identify the operator, and give professionalism to the owner company. Our customization specialists for all garbage collection clothing recommend screen printing and carving, both techniques that make the mold ultra-resistant and guarantee a long life even in case of contact with aggressive external agents and numerous washes of the garment worn. . Furthermore, specifically for the waste disposal and roadside assistance sector, King Kong Work offers the possibility of printing the logo in reflective material, obtaining a double advantage in terms of utility and aesthetics. During the customization phase, the customer is supported by our team of graphic designers who will guide him in choosing the style and size of the logo.

Accident prevention and PPE for waste disposal

In addition to work clothing, all operators of companies that dispose or collect waste are required to wear the right specific accident prevention for the sector . Our customer service will be ready to advise you on the best work gloves , eye protection devices and safety shoes , specially designed to operate in the waste supply chain, so as to make the operator comfortable and protected, providing a highly professional image to the 'agency.



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