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Rescuer clothing

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Acquista Rescuer clothing su King Kong Work. Se sei alla ricerca di Rescuer clothing King Kong Work ti propone un vasto assortimento di Rescuer clothing adatto a qualsiasi esigenza della tua azienda. Il nostro servizio clienti è sempre a tua disposizione per consigliarti il miglior Rescuer clothing. La spedizione è garantita entro 24/48 ore dall’ordine.

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€139.44 (VAT excl.)
- Giubbino tecnico dalla linea slim con inserti in tessuto stretch e maniche staccabili a completo con Pantaloni 07PA0958 - Apertura con zip luminescente - Velcro portabadge e velcro porta stemma - Taschino chiuso con...

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There are not enough products in stock
€86.37 (VAT excl.)
High visibility technical jacket with detachable sleeves - Opening with zip - Rescue handles on the shoulders - Elastic cuffs - Pocket on the left front closed with flap and velcro - Front welt pockets with zip - Pen...

€155.58 (VAT excl.)
- Bande reflex a microprismi Oralite - Abbottonatura con zip doppio cursore e bottoni a pressione - Taschino sul davanti destro chiuso con pattina e bottoni a pressione - Taschino porta radio sul davanti sinistro...

€118.88 (VAT excl.)
- Apertura con zip - Maniglie di soccorso sulle spalle - Bande reflex a microsfere 3M - Inserti in costina su sottomanica - Polsi regolabili con velcro - Taschino verticale sul davanti destro chiuso con zip...

Rescuer clothing 118

The uniforms for the 118 have the double and fundamental function of allowing the operators to be clearly recognizable even in the midst of other people and to allow the rescuer to operate safely even near roads. Therefore , the 118 rescuer clothing acts both as a uniform and as a high-visibility personal protective equipment. The second characteristic is due to the type of interventions required of the rescuers, who often find themselves intervening on urban, extra-urban roads or even motorways to help the victims of road accidents. In these circumstances it is essential to make operators easily visible to car and truck drivers even in weather conditions that compromise visibility such as rain, snow or fog. King Kong Work , which has always been involved in the supply of work clothing, offers a wide collection of clothing for high visibility rescuers such as jackets and trousers that ensure resistance, comfort and professionalism. All 118 clothing for rescuers on our online store are in accordance with the law and comply with current regulations regarding high visibility clothing :

EN ISO 20471: 2017 "high visibility clothing"

Legislative Decree 475/92 "Rules of the road"

Ministerial Decree of 9 June 1995 "Technical regulations on the requirements relating to clothing and autonomous devices to make personnel working on the road in poor visibility conditions visible from a distance"

DM10 / 97 "Implementation of directives 93/68 / EEC, 93/95 / EEC and 96/58 / EC relating to PPE"

DI 4 March 2013 "Road signs for work activities carried out in the presence of vehicular traffic"

UNI EN 20471: 2017 standard "high visibility clothing" "High visibility clothing - Test methods and requirements"

UNI EN 343 standard which provides protection against precipitation such as rain, snow, fog and humidity.

The clothing for high visibility rescuers is divided into 3 classes: class 1, class 2 and class 3. Class 1 is required for any individual who works on a road, even private, class 2 is intended for classic road operators , i.e. in urban and extra-urban roads, while class 3 is exclusively intended for operators carrying out operations on the motorway and at airports.

Personalized clothing for rescuers with company logo

All the clothing for 118 rescuers can be customized with the logo of the hospital to which they belong and with patches embroidered with the name of the roles, generally affixed to the heart and shoulders, so as to clearly identify the type of operator, and give professionalism. to the owner company. Our customization specialists for all 118 emergency responders' clothing recommend screen printing and intaglio, both techniques that make the mold ultra-resistant and with appreciable aesthetic finishes. Our graphic designers and editors are available to the customer in choosing the size, position, colors and style of the print or embroidery, guaranteeing an excellent result.

Accident prevention and PPE for rescuers 118

The right safety kit must necessarily be combined with the rescuer's clothing , which guarantees the operator to intervene in complete safety. In our online store there is a wide collection of safety shoes , disposable gloves , disposable masks and high visibility accessories able to offer the operator complete protection.



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