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Personalised workwear

Acquista online Personalised workwear con il tuo Logo Aziendale

Scopri l'ampia selezione di Personalised workwear presenti in King Kong Work e scegli il modello e la personalizzazione perfetta per la tua azienda. Il nostro servizio clienti specializzato ti aiuterà a scegliere la tipologia di Personalised workwear ideale.

Scopri il nostro catalogo di Personalised workwear in pronta consegna

€29.80 (VAT excl.)
CE CAT. I - EN ISO 13688: 2013 Composition: 100% cotton

Maglione collo a "V" colore blu
€43.04 (VAT excl.)
Solid color knitted sweater on a straight machine, gauge 12, stitched with linking machine, cuffs at the bottom with reinforcing elastic.

€17.02 (VAT excl.)

€18.56 (VAT excl.)

Pantalone multitasche
€28.73 (VAT excl.)
Canvas fabric Weight 250 g / m2 2 front pockets at the waist open laterally 1 right leg side pocket with flap and velcro with mobile phone pocket and pen holder 1 left leg side pocket with flap and velcro 2 rear...

Customized workwear, today, represents the flagship for any activity, from the smallest to the largest ones. Provide your collaborators with tailored garments (such as, for example customized work sweatshirts ) and easily recognizable, in fact, in addition to conveying seriousness and professionalism, improves the corporate image and the sense of belonging to a team that works to pursue the same objectives. 

Thanks to the wide selection of garments available in the King Kong Work catalog, such as fleeces, parkas, trousers, sweatshirts, custom work t-shirts and jackets, you will be able to find what best meets the needs of your company and customize everything you need in a few simple clicks, using many professional techniques . The team's experts are available at any time on the portal to provide you with useful information, ad hoc advice and tailor-made quotes within just an hour of your request. 

Custom workwear to increase the visibility of your company

Custom workwear is an essential resource for increase the visibility of your company towards potential buyers and already loyal customers. Garments with particular colors, carefully selected fabrics and, of course, the logo in full view help to create a professional and coherent image, capable of strengthening one's brand identity. 

After all, making use of personalized clothing with a logo represents a real marketing choice, a winning move to differentiate itself from competitors . Presenting yourself to the public in a completely professional way, with a uniform that immediately identifies your company is almost a must, both for large multinationals and for smaller companies. 

And we at King Kong Work know it well. With our tailored clothing, made exclusively by professionals, workers will feel immediately gratified and part of a group that aims to achieve the same goals. Not only that, it also ensures a good dose of completely free advertising , which takes place every time the uniforms are observed!

Our techniques for personalized workwear

As you will have understood by now, online customized workwear gives professionalism and seriousness to the company that wears it. It is therefore clear that choosing the right supplier represents a fundamental step. King Kong Work features state-of-the-art and latest generation machinery , designed to offer superior quality and long-lasting results.  

But what are the types of customization that you can apply to your clothing? Let's go through them right away. 

  • Embroidery: It undoubtedly represents the most resistant and durable technique. It consists in sewing a thread that composes your logo directly on the garment in question. The visual impact is impressive. Plus, the embroidery keeps its vibrant colors over time, even after many washes. It is particularly recommended for all garments over 200 grams in weight, from sweatshirts to customized work vests , trousers and jackets.


  • 3D embroidery: It is a new generation technique, which involves inserting an ad hoc rubber support under the embroidery. The result? A thickness that makes it three-dimensional and a captivating visual result that is pleasant to the touch. The best solution for those who want to show off a one-of-a-kind personalized workwear. It is possible to embroider any logo, writing or design, bearing in mind however that they will go done of the simplifications . The embroidery, in fact, uses flat colors, this excludes the shades and half tones that will be corrected later, during the digitization phase. Either way, it's the perfect solution for heavier garments. It is not applicable, however, on nylon fabrics. 


  • DTF, Direct To Film Thermoapplied: The Direct To Film technique is one of the most innovative available on the market today. In addition to offering a very high quality print, with no limits of shapes, shades and colors, it stands out for its extreme elasticity and resistance. In this case, the logo is printed on a special support and applied by heat directly onto the garment in question. 


  • Screen printing: One of the more traditional alternatives: it involves the assembly of a frame containing the brand logo to be printed, thanks to which a special paint can be transferred onto the garment. This will then be dried and fixed. It should be noted, however, that screen printing is not applicable on fleece, knit, wool and non-flat garments (such as hats, for example). 


  • Digital print: Fast and economical, especially recommended for short runs. It is done by printing the graphics directly on the garment. 


  • Reflective print (high visibility): King Kong Work is one of the few companies using this technique. It uses a gray reflective and light-reactive film. In addition to being extremely functional, it highlights the logo. It is therefore perfect for all those operators who find themselves carrying out their duties along the road or in environments characterized by poor visibility. 


  • Sublimation printing: It is a type of printing that allows the color to combine with the material in a permanent way. The end result is a perfect fabric, resistant to scratches and stress, as well as free from relief and thickness. This option includes black only, other colors are feasible but do not guarantee optimal performance. 

On the page of our digital shop dedicated to customizations, you will be able to find out more information and learn about all the techniques to keep your garments in the best possible way over time. You'll just have to worry about provide a good-sized, high-resolution Logo File , preferably in vector format. Alternatively, if you do not have the file, you can request the reconstruction of the logo by contacting the assistance service. 

Get excellent results quickly with customized corporate clothing from King Kong Work

In short, the printing techniques offered by King Kong Work represent the best solution to have workwear custom wholesale in a short time and, above all, of the highest quality . The support team staff will advise you on the types of customization that best meet your needs. 

Before confirming the order, you will then receive the graphic draft of the garments with your logo applied, as well as a quote tailored to your needs (by filling in the appropriate online form or via WhatsApp). Before proceeding with the customization, we will wait for your confirmation or any changes to the final project. 

Discover the customized work uniforms in our digital catalogue 

As far as the types of products to be customized are concerned, in our digital catalog you will find many alternatives ready for delivery and expressions of the top brands in the sector ( Rossini, Portwest, Payper workwear and Isaac , just to name a few). They range from classic clothing to high visibility clothing, including fireproof clothing, customized construction clothing and uniforms for hotels and restaurants. But let's see in detail all the alternatives.

  • Custom work hoodies . Over 100 different models come together in the King Kong Work proposal. Elastic and functional, these are garments made of cotton or synthetic cotton blend. Plus, you can choose from half-zip or full-zip workwear sweatshirts, hooded or unhooded, for men or women. 


  • Custom Work T-Shirts . Comfortable, practical and super versatile, they are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and models. They differ in two important factors: seasonality (the catalog includes both summer and winter T-shirts) and comfort (in this case the degree of elasticity varies, to be selected based on the activity to be carried out). 


  • Custom Work Jackets . To be worn directly over sweatshirts and t-shirts, during all seasons, they guarantee protection and provide a suitable barrier against cold and atmospheric agents. Again, there are many alternatives.

They range from winter jackets, with waterproof lining and warm padding, to models made with technical fabrics. Without forgetting the sturdy construction site safety jackets or the summer ones, in technical and perforated materials. 


  • Custom Work Vests . Versatile and comfortable, waistcoats prove to be essential during the intermediate seasons, as they allow you to warm up the body while leaving your arms free.

Made of resistant, soft and flexible fabrics, they are available in various types: from the classic sleeveless ones to those with more casual and youthful lines. Available in different colors and suitable for both men and women, they include pockets and extra spaces in which to insert all the essential objects to perform one's duties in the best possible way. 


  • Custom work polo shirts . Polo shirts are a great alternative to the classic t-shirt. Conceived for those who want to give a touch of elegance to their team, without sacrificing comfort, they are made with fresh, high-quality fabrics.

We also have targeted models for certain types of work. Polos with an antibacterial finish are ideal for those who work in very hot and humid places. Those with a reflective band improve the wearer's visibility, while those in breathable fabric dry quickly and regulate body humidity. 


  • Custom work jackets . Heavy, waterproof and super resistant, they are specially designed for the coldest months of the year. From bomber jackets to parkas, passing through high-visibility models, lots of alternatives to allow you to tackle any job in maximum comfort. Among the brands there is James Ross workwear .

More sense of togetherness and belonging with personalized work uniforms

Wearing customized workwear helps create a sense of cohesion and belonging within a work team, thus increasing employee motivation and collaboration. 

Not only. Such clothing helps shape a safe and productive work environment. In some contexts, such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants and industries, uniforms are used to allow customers and visitors to quickly identify qualified personnel

After all, being part of a team is important in every sector and working environment. Be immediately recognizable and convey professionalism in the eyes of the beholder, in fact, it is not only used to lead one's brand to success. It is relevant to grow employees under the values of unit and membership. 

Custom clothing for companies to create a coherent and captivating image

But the benefits of using custom workwear aren't over yet. Custom and made to measure clothing (such as custom work trousers ), in fact, can be designed with the aim of create a unique look for your company , so as to distinguish it from the competition. 

Whether it's a t-shirt in a specific color or a polo shirt and pants with a logo patch, these items can turn into a big marketing operation. Thanks to King Kong Work you will be able to distinguish yourself from competitors and give shape to trendy, fashionable and immediately recognizable corporate clothing. 

In a modern and digitized era like the one we live in today, personalized workwear can be exploited within an online strategy, with a view to viral marketingA photograph or a short video shared on social networks business can be worth much more than you can see for yourself. Posting the image of your team in uniform on Facebook or Instagram translates into an immediate increase in popularity and visibility towards the competition. 

Promote your company with custom logo workwear 

Finally, it seems almost superfluous to mention it, but the use of customized clothing with the company logo and colors represents a very powerful promotional tool , to be used to increase the visibility of your brand. A rather economical solution, which allows you to reach a large and varied target without spending exorbitant amounts. 

In fact, employees wearing the uniform will be easily recognizable both inside and outside the company headquarters, as in the case of Subzero workwear . Without forgetting that these items of clothing can be used during fairs, shows and industry events .  

Customized workwear, in industry 4.0, after all, represents a decidedly more evolved and improved version of the classic business card. Let's think about how widespread it is today the habit of giving away gadgets, t-shirts, caps, sweatshirtscustom work polo shirts and accessories with the company logo on display. 

It is not only a highly appreciated and successful practice. Every person who will wear your company's customized garments will be made spokesperson for your business , wherever it goes and wherever it is. 

What are you waiting for? Pick up now customized workwear for your company. Contact our experts and receive a quote tailored to your needs !  



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