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Custom work jackets

Acquista online Custom work jackets con il tuo Logo Aziendale

Scopri l'ampia selezione di Custom work jackets presenti in King Kong Work e scegli il modello e la personalizzazione perfetta per la tua azienda. Il nostro servizio clienti specializzato ti aiuterà a scegliere la tipologia di Custom work jackets ideale.

Scopri il nostro catalogo di Custom work jackets in pronta consegna

€18.56 (VAT excl.)

€17.02 (VAT excl.)

Giubbetto 2ACTIVE colore blu
€37.72 (VAT excl.)
Work jacket with central zip covered by flap with velcro points. Two breast pockets with contrast profile closed with flap and velcro and two slanted welt pockets closed with flap and velcro. Contrasting profile along...

3-in-1 Bomber Jacket
€70.14 (VAT excl.)
Versatile and comfortable protection against all weather conditions. The detachable fur lining and collar in combination with the zip-out sleeves prove this is a superbly adaptable garment. Numerous zipped outer and...

3000 Over-Coat
View more
€688.80 (VAT excl.)
The FB30 Over-coat is constructed using a Nomex® / Lenzing® FR Viscose outer shell fabric. Features include a quick release front zip lower front pockets with press stud for holding gloves and knitted cuffs with thumb...

Giacca 3ACTIVE colore sailor.blu
€41.21 (VAT excl.)
Work jacket with front closure with central zip covered by flap closed with velcro points. One breast pocket closed with flap and velcro, two lower patch pockets closed with flap and velcro with internal side bellows....

Giubbetto 3ACTIVE colore sailor.blu
View more
€43.21 (VAT excl.)
Work jacket with front closure with central zip covered by flap closed with velcro points. Two small pockets applied to the chest closed with flap and velcro, two lower welt pockets with oblique opening closed with...

€32.93 (VAT excl.)
80% polyester 20 %cotone jacket with detachable sleeves - Polyester padding - Polyester lining - Detachable sleeves - Taped zip - One mobile phone chest pocket - One pen pocket - Two double pockets (one with velcro) -...

€32.93 (VAT excl.)
80% polyester 20 %cotone jacket with detachable sleeves - Polyester padding - Polyester lining - Detachable sleeves - Taped zip - One mobile phone chest pocket - One pen pocket - Two double pockets (one with velcro) -...

€32.93 (VAT excl.)
80% polyester 20 %cotone jacket with detachable sleeves - Polyester padding - Polyester lining - Detachable sleeves - Taped zip - One mobile phone chest pocket - One pen pocket - Two double pockets (one with velcro) -...

€75.94 (VAT excl.)
Giubbino in tessuto impermeabile elasticizzato - 94% polyestere – 6% spandex con membrana TPU - Impermeabilità 4000 mm/H2O - Traspirabilità 1000 g/M2/24h - Imbottitura in soft polyestere (effetto piuma) - Fodera in...

€75.94 (VAT excl.)
Jacket in waterproof stretch fabric - 94% polyester - 6% spandex with TPU membrane - Water resistance 4000 mm / H2O - Breathability 1000 g / M2 / 24h - Padding in soft polyester (feather effect) - Lining in soft 320T...

Expression of the most authoritative producers in the sector, from Payper to Portwest, and characterized by excellent production quality, custom work jackets that appear among the digital shelves of King Kong Work represent indispensable allies for all those workers who want maximum comfort while carrying out their duties. Warm, versatile and extremely practical, these solutions by customized workwear protects perfectly from the cold and the elements. 

All the models available in the catalog are characterized by a design with attention to the smallest details. include pockets, zips and compartments in which to insert the accessories necessary to carry out one's activity in the best possible way.

Without forgetting that our personalized articles represent the best solution both to strengthen the sense of unity and promote team spirit among employees and to advertise your company and make it known to an ever wider audience.

Custom jackets, why buy these practical clothing items

Customized workwear, in addition to providing protection from possible accidents and offering maximum comfort to those who use it, is called upon to satisfy further requirements.

Nowadays, there are many companies that provide their employees with tailored garments, on which the brand name or logo appears. And it's not a random choice, le custom work hoodies represent a real business card for an activity , from the smallest ones to the big multinationals. 

But why buy customized work jackets? To begin with, if the staff of a company presents itself to its suppliers and potential customers wearing neat, well-groomed and all the same clothes, they will immediately considered more professional and reliable compared to a group of differently dressed and uncoordinated individuals. It seems like a subtlety, but in the world of work it's the little details that make the difference. 

Furthermore, using made-to-measure uniforms represents one fundamental strategy to impress customers . Whether it's a jacket or a simple one customized work t-shirts , corporate clothing can be shown off during exhibitions, fairs and industry events to advertise completely at no cost. And then, they can be given to your most loyal buyers as a token of gratitude. 

Not only. An equally and consistently dressed team will become immediately more cohesive and united . All members of the company are thus put on the same level, even newcomers, and essential values such as collaboration and team spirit are encouraged. 

Thanks to King Kong Work, taking advantage of all these advantages becomes a simple experience. Ordering customized work jackets and professional clothing online in large quantities, in fact, it also allows for considerable economic savings .

Without forgetting that the company guarantees a direct relationship with the customer, without intermediaries. This results in the application of competitive reductions on unit prices, thus forming a fruitful long-term collaboration. 

From winter work jackets to construction site models, all the alternatives 

By reviewing the offer of the portal, you will come across dozens of products, many work jackets customized declined in different models, colors and materials .

Perfect to wear during all seasons, simply over a t-shirt or sweatshirt, they guarantee complete protection for the operator and offer a suitable barrier against the cold and atmospheric agents. So, let's immediately review the main alternatives to choose from.  

  • Winter Work Jackets . They have a warm internal padding, capable of maintaining an adequate body temperature even during the coldest seasons and in environments characterized by low temperatures. Several models also have electro-welded seams and a waterproof coating, so as to protect the operator even in the event of exposure to rain, wind and bad weather. 


  • Summer Work Jackets . Comfortable and breathable, they are perfect for wearing in poorly ventilated working environments. They are made of cotton or perforated technical fabrics. Naturally, the cotton models must not be used in case of possible contact with flammable objects or heat sources. 


  • Technical Work Jackets . They are replacing the classic moleskin work jackets. The technical models, in fact, have an excellent anti-rain and anti-humidity power. They also ensure a sensation of unparalleled comfort. 


  • Construction Jackets . These are safety clothing, characterized by high sturdiness, capable of withstanding the stresses to which the operator is very often subjected (for example in road or construction sites). 

Among the pages of the portal there are also various types of softshell work jackets (including Rossini work jackets ). Clothing made of this material is distinguished by a high degree of waterproofing and breathability . It is comfortable, elastic and adapts perfectly to the user's movements. 

To find out more about an item, receive technical advice or prepare a personalized quote , you can contact the punctual customer care team, which can be accessed via telephone number, e-mail address or WhatsApp. 

Custom jackets with logo, perfect for making your brand known to a wider audience

Custom work jackets, then, are excellent tools for promoting a company and increasing the visibility of a brand. Associating a brand with high quality customized clothing not only benefits your image, but allows you to instantly recognizable in the eyes of the public and to spontaneously remain imprinted in the minds of potential customers. 

Using jackets with the company logo clearly visible, bright colors and eye-catching graphics is an excellent strategy for get free publicity during events, trade fairs and demonstrations . Not to mention, then, that these garments can be donated to interested buyers or to the most loyal ones. Thus, whoever wears them will become, more or less consciously, a testimonial for your company. 

But these aren't the only ways you can take advantage of custom clothing, such as James Ross work jackets . Not only in reality, but also on corporate social networks it's important to show the day-to-day life of your business and the people who work there. Photos, stories and short videos are precious gimmicks capable of making customers become attached to your company and push them to buy merchandising with your brand.  

Custom corporate jackets to create a united and successful team

But not only from a marketing point of view. Wearing custom work jackets can help promote team spirit and harmony among the members of a group , thus allowing collaborators and employees to feel part of a large team, which works to pursue the same objectives. It is also essential for newcomers who have yet to integrate perfectly. 

Also, when all workers are dressed the same, it prevails a sense of equality, tranquility and harmony . An extremely important factor, essential for giving life to good group dynamics and building a pleasant and serene environment, especially with quality products such as Subzero work jackets .

After all, being recognizable e make a good first impression to potential buyers allows a company to achieve success faster!

Frequently asked questions about work jackets

Finally, we close with some of the most recurring questions relating to our customized work jackets available online. 

  • What are the delivery times for customized work jackets? Shipments are completed in seven days from the date of order fulfilment. Instead, in the case of standard products without customization, they are made in 24/48 working hours. 


  • What payment options are available for custom work jacket orders? As with all the other products in the King Kong Work digital catalogue, the accepted payment methods are credit cards, PayPal and bank transfer.


  • How can I request a quote for custom work jackets? It is a really simple and fast procedure. Simply visit the appropriate section of the e-commerce and fill in the form with your data. Alternatively, the customer can contact the customer care service via WhatsApp or email and wait for an answer, which will be provided within the hour. 


  • Is there a minimum quantity to order customized work jackets? There are no minimum quantities: it is also possible to order a single piece. After choosing the desired model, just add it to the cart and click on the green "Pay now" button to proceed with the purchase. 


  • How soon can I view a graphic proof of customized work jackets? The draft is usually sent within 24 hours of paying for the order.


  • Is it possible to receive an electronic invoice after an order? King Kong Work automatically issues the electronic invoice within 24 hours of receiving payment. In fact, when ordering, it is advisable to communicate your recipient code (SDI) and/or PEC address. 


  • Is it possible to return a personalized item? No, personalized goods cannot be returned or destined for a new sale. 


  • What are the costs and procedures related to changing an order containing personalized goods? Since these are customized and made to measure products, there is no opportunity to cancel an order following receipt of the graphic drafts.

In the event that this circumstance occurs, the customer will have to bear the costs of the entire order. It is possible to cancel an order only in the event that the customization phase has not yet begun. However, it is mandatory to bear the costs for the return, for the graphic processing and for the printing facilities. 


  • Can I choose the printing technique to personalize my work jacket? In the event of special requests or specific needs, it is possible to send an email in advance to the address Otherwise, the choice of customization technique is made by the customer on the advice of our company technical staff, so as to guarantee the best result based on the selected garments. 


  • What are the printing techniques and customization options offered by King Kong Work?

Taking advantage of modern technologies and cutting-edge machinery, King Kong Work offers multiple customization techniques to choose from:

    • Embroidery: It uses a thread that is sewn directly onto the garment, in order to create the desired logo or writing. It maintains its characteristic bright colors over time. Furthermore, it is resistant, durable and of great aesthetic impact, above all by selecting leading brands such as Payper work jackets
    • 3D embroidery: Compared to the previous technique, it also provides for the application of a specific rubber support under the embroidery, so as to give it a special three-dimensional thickness. It does not include shades or half tones, but the result is an attractive and pleasant to the touch article.
    • Digital print: Ideal for short runs and for customizing the entire surface of a garment, it is created by printing the desired logo, writing or graphics directly onto the garment. 
    • Sublimation printing: Perfect for customizing nylon jackets and high visibility garments, it allows color to permanently combine with the selected material. It is resistant to scratches, stress and color fading and the result is a fabric without relief or thickness. 
    • Reflective print (or high visibility): King Kong Work is one of the few companies using this innovative technique. It uses a high-quality, light-resistant gray SLR film. The material highlights the logo, proving to be the ideal option for customizing high-visibility jackets, dedicated to workers working on road and construction sites, or near motorized vehicles. 
    • Serigraphy: This is a traditional and widespread method, which involves the assembly of a frame that contains the logo or text to be printed. With this tool it is possible to impress a special varnish on the work jacket, which will then be dried and adequately fixed
    • DTF, Direct To Film Thermoapplied: Direct To Film is one of the most modern techniques offered by King Kong Work. It guarantees long-lasting, high-quality prints and there are no limits in terms of colours, shapes and sizes. The logo to be imprinted is printed on a special support and, subsequently, applied by heat. The result is a customized, super versatile and elastic garment that does not deform and follows the operator's movements perfectly.  

Would you like to receive a quote for the purchase of your new customized work jackets? Visit now and choose the products that best meet your professional needs! 



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