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Custom work jackets

Acquista online Custom work jackets con il tuo Logo Aziendale

Scopri l'ampia selezione di Custom work jackets presenti in King Kong Work e scegli il modello e la personalizzazione perfetta per la tua azienda. Il nostro servizio clienti specializzato ti aiuterà a scegliere la tipologia di Custom work jackets ideale.

Scopri il nostro catalogo di Custom work jackets in pronta consegna

3000 Over-Coat
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€688.80 (VAT excl.)
The FB30 Over-coat is constructed using a Nomex® / Lenzing® FR Viscose outer shell fabric. Features include a quick release front zip lower front pockets with press stud for holding gloves and knitted cuffs with thumb...

Araflame Insulated Jacket
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€220.92 (VAT excl.)
This winter jacket is ideal for harsh winter conditions. Perfect for the demands of offshore industry this inherent FR jacket allows maximum ease of movement and protects against a range of hazards. The ARC 3 rating...

Bizflame Rain Anti-Static FR Jacket
€121.80 (VAT excl.)
Optimum protection is offered from this anti-static jacket. Flame resistance coupled with superb breathable and water resistant properties ensures this garment is suitable for multi-risk environments.

Bizflame Rain FR Multi Protection Bomber Jacket
€123.48 (VAT excl.)
EN certified this industry leading flame resistant jacket is ideal for multi-risk environments. The comfortable fit provides the perfect solution for all day wear in cold wet and hazardous conditions.

Bizflame Rain Hi-Vis Antistatic FR Bomber Jacket
€130.20 (VAT excl.)
This fully waterproof bomber jacket offers multi-norm protection in hazardous conditions. Features include chemical resistance and a detachable hood.

Bizflame Rain Multi Protection Jacket
€167.58 (VAT excl.)
This waterproof breathable parka offers protection in multi-hazard environments. The detachable FR fleece liner offers additional warmth in extreme weather conditions

Elgin 3 in 1 Ladies Jacket
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€71.74 (VAT excl.)
A classic jacket with good fit to streamline and reduce the bulkiness women often feel in a four-season jacket. The longer line back panel and discreet waist adjustment make this a contemporary silhouette and give a...

Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket
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€33.43 (VAT excl.)
Comfort and quality are key with this garment coupled with all our usual safety and weatherproof functions. The two-way front zip studded flap and knitted storm cuffs provide ultimate protection.

Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket RIS
€40.74 (VAT excl.)
Completely padded and lined the RT32 offers great freedom of movement and is combined with all our usual safety and weatherproofing functions. Fully certified to RIS 3279 for use on railways or similar environments.

Hi-Vis Breathable Bomber Jacket
€52.50 (VAT excl.)
Lightweight and practical bomber jacket offering an unrivalled mixture of breathability waterproof and windproof protection. Features include a detachable concealed hood print access side elastication fleece lined...

Hi-Vis Contrast Bomber Jacket
€67.12 (VAT excl.)
Versatile and comfortable protection against all weather conditions. The detachable fur lining and collar in combination with the zip-out sleeves prove this is a superbly adaptable garment. Numerous zipped outer and...

Warm, comfortable and extremely versatile , the customized work jackets that we have collected in this section of King Kong Work are garments of custom workwear perfect to wear to carry out your duties during the coldest months of the year. Available in many models, materials and colors, they are breathable and provide an optimal barrier against atmospheric agents. 

Designed to meet the professional needs of industries, restaurants, hotels and many other professional contexts, our jackets they have an accurate design and are the expression of an excellent production quality . In fact, they prove to be essential both for advertising one's business and making it known to potential customers and for reinforcing the sense of belonging to a cohesive and united group. 

Why buy personalized work jackets

That of providing its employees with personalized workwear, whether it is a complete uniform or a simple one custom work polo shirts with its own logo, it is a practice now very consolidated by many companies . After all, the advantages deriving from this approach are truly manifold. 

Let's start, first of all, from the most obvious, but no less relevant aspect. If the staff of a company presents itself to potential customers and suppliers sporting tidy, pleasant and above all customized clothing, it will be easier considered reliable and professional

Naturally, that of professionalism is a profound concept, closely linked to modus operandi that operators adopt during the performance of their duties. However, even i small details can make the difference

The use of uniforms or personalized work jackets, then, represents an essential strategy for giving life to union and cohesion within a team . In fact, articles of this kind can create a sense of belonging and solidarity among employees, especially among newcomers to the company, who sometimes struggle to integrate quickly. This encourages both the spirit of collaboration and communication.

And of course, that can make a big difference in the eyes of customers as well. Jackets, polo shirts, customized work sweatshirts , t-shirts and various gadgets can be shown off both during events, shows and trade fairs and used as a promotional gift for customers or as a reward for the most loyal buyers. An intelligent tactic, which allows you to cultivate and improve the relationship with your target audience. 

Without forgetting, then, that ordering customized work jackets and clothing online in large quantities reserves important reserves advantages also in terms of economic savings . King Kong Work guarantees a direct relationship with the customer, free of intermediaries, which translates into the application of discounts on unit prices and the creation of a profitable long-term collaboration.  

From materials of custom jackets online to sizes

We now come to the characteristics and technical prerogatives that distinguish the customized work jackets available on King Kong Work. From bomber jackets to coats, these are clothing items heavy, breathable and waterproof , perfect to wear over a t-shirt or sweatshirt during the coldest months of the year. In addition to ensuring optimal protection, they provide a suitable barrier against atmospheric agents.

Among the pages of the catalog you will find winter models, which include a warm internal padding, a waterproof coating and electro-welded seams . Also available jackets made of technical fabric (such as Sottozero high visibility jackets ), with excellent rainproof and anti-humidity power and high visibility models, which integrate reflective inserts to make the operator easily identifiable even in the dark and in risky situations. 

Naturally, our online custom workwear features modern lines and an excellent fit, thus adapting to the needs of both male and female audiences. It then includes large pockets and practical compartments , in which to insert all the accessories necessary to perform one's duties in the best possible way. 

Bomber jackets, coats and raincoats allow, therefore, to improve one's corporate image , without renouncing the classic functions of professional clothing, i.e. comfort, practicality and versatility. 

In the event of requests or need for further information regarding an article, the user can contact the punctual assistance service , both in the pre and post-sales phase. In fact, it is possible to take advantage of tailor-made technical advice and receive online estimates within just an hour of the request. 

Personalized work jackets, a winning weapon to increase the visibility of your brand

The benefits of custom work jackets aren't over yet. Indeed, they prove to be gods powerful allies also from a marketing point of view , capable of increasing the visibility of a brand and making it known to an ever wider and more varied public. What does it mean?

The fact that the employees of a company wear uniforms allows for accentuate your brand identity and to distinguish themselves from other players operating in the same sector. Proposing the name of the business or your logo on the workers' clothes ensures a good dose of completely free publicity, which takes place whenever the uniforms are observed. 

And then, always with a view to promoting one's company, tailored jackets can be exploited in one online communication strategy. Not surprisingly, in a highly digitized and modern era like the one we live in today, even a simple image shared on social networks can be worth much more than what you can see personally. 

In light of this, post a nice corporate group photo on Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook means obtaining much greater visibility, which can potentially reach and attract more and more customers. 

Jackets personalized with logo: perfect for creating cohesion and a sense of belonging in the company 

As already mentioned, customized work jackets, as well as all the other items of clothing featured in the King Kong Work digital catalog, contribute to strengthen the sense of belonging of employees to the company and help new staff integrate more easily within the team. 

With personalized, well-finished, high-quality work clothes and finished in detail, the operators will immediately feel equal and part of a united team , which aims to achieve the same professional goals. Essential elements to give life to good group dynamics. 

Being recognizable in the eyes of the public and conveying a good opinion, as well as contributing to the success of the business, helps employees to develop a fruitful and long-term collaboration , growing under the values of collaboration, spirit of belonging and unity. 

King Kong Work logo vests FAQ 

Finally, let's move on to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our work jackets available online. 

  • What are the printing and personalization options available for the work jackets? King Kong Work, using cutting-edge machinery and modern printing technologies, offers its customers various customization techniques.
    • Embroidery: Use a thread that is sewn directly onto the garment, so as to create the required writing or logo. Resistant, durable and of great aesthetic impact, it maintains its characteristic bright colors over time.
    • 3D embroidery: It is a similar technique to the previous one. It also provides for the application of an ad hoc rubber support under the embroidery, to give a special three-dimensional thickness. Pleasant to the touch and pleasant, it does not include shades or half tones.
    • Screen printing: A traditional and widespread alternative, it involves the assembly of a frame that contains the logo or text to be printed. With the aid of this tool it is possible to impress a special varnish on the jacket which will then be dried and fixed. 
    • Digital print: It is the perfect technique for short runs, simple and economical. It is made by imprinting the desired graphics directly on the garment. 
    • Sublimation Printing: Allows the color to combine permanently with the chosen material. It resists stress, scratches and color fading and allows you to obtain a garment with a surface free of thicknesses and reliefs. It is ideal for high visibility polyester and nylon vests. 
    • Reflective print (high visibility): King Kong Work is one of the few companies that exploits this modern technique. It uses a high-quality, light-resistant gray reflective film. It reflects and highlights the logo, establishing itself as the most suitable solution for customizing the jackets dedicated to operators who work on road construction sites or near motorized vehicles. 
    • DTF, Direct To Film Thermoapplied: The DTF technique is one of the most innovative on the market today. It offers the highest quality prints, with no limits on colours, sizes and shapes. The writing or logo in question is printed on an ad hoc support and then heat applied to the jacket. The result? An elastic and versatile personalized garment that does not lose its shape or get damaged over time. 
  • What are the delivery times for customized work jackets? Shipments occur within seven days from the date the order is processed. In the case of products without personalisation, however, delivery is made within 24/48 working hours. 


  • What are the minimum quantities to order customized work jackets? There are no minimum quantities to order. It is also possible to purchase a single piece. Simply insert the desired model into the cart and click on the green "Pay now" button to complete the procedure. 


  • How can I submit my logo or design for work vest customization? Generally, the choice of customization technique is made by the customer with the help of King Kong Work staff, in order to obtain the best result based on the chosen item. However, in case of specific requests or special needs, it is possible to send an email in advance to the address 


  • How can I get a quote for custom work jackets? Getting a quote for your customized garments online is simple. Just click on the appropriate section of the portal and fill in the quote request form or, alternatively, contact the assistance service via WhatsApp. The answer is provided within one hour of the request. 


  • What payment options are available for custom work jacket orders? The payment methods accepted by King Kong Work are PayPal, credit card and bank transfer. 


  • Can I request modifications or changes to personalized work jackets after ordering? There is the possibility of integrating the order already made by adding other items (or the same item) before the order is sent to the production department.

This modification does not involve additional costs for the customer, it only determines the recalculation of the total amount and could cause the delivery of the order to be postponed. It is then possible to modify the graphics of your jacket only before having accepted the draft. 

However, it is not foreseen to eliminate or replace items in an order for personalized goods. Also in this case, it will be possible to modify the order with elimination or replacement of the articles only before the confirmation of the graphic draft. Furthermore, an additional expense may be added, quantifiable on a case-by-case basis. It will be communicated to the buyer by e-mail. 


  • What are the costs and procedures related to the cancellation of the order for personalized goods? Since these are customized items (which is also valid for personalized work t-shirts ), both the consumer and those who do not hold this qualification are not allowed to cancel an order following the confirmation of the graphic drafts. In the event that this occurs, the price of the entire order will still be charged.

Only if the customization of the goods has not yet begun is it possible to cancel the order, incurring the cost for the return, for the graphic processing and for the printing systems. Before proceeding with the definitive cancellation, the total amount will be communicated to the customer, who will have to confirm the charge of the costs previously described or proceed with the order.

In the absence of a reply within three working days, the order will be definitively canceled and the costs of returning the goods, graphic processing and installation costs will be charged. Also, customized merchandise cannot be returned. 


  • How soon can I view a graphic proof of customized work jackets? The draft is usually sent within 24 hours of paying for the order.


  • Can I choose the size and color of the custom work jackets? Yes. Just enter the product sheet of the chosen item, open the drop-down menu and select from the available variants. In the case of high visibility jackets, the only color provided is "Orange".

Don't waste any more time, browse the digital catalog of and discover all the customized work jackets available in the catalogue. Choose the models you prefer and request a quote tailored to your needs!




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