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King Kong Work offers you a vast assortment of SOTTOZERO products, to satisfy any need of your company. Our customer service is always at your disposal for any request for SOTTOZERO material. The shipment of all SOTTOZERO items is guaranteed within 24/48 hours.

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€44.18 (VAT excl.)
100% OXFORD POLYESTER POLYURETHANE COATED 140 g / m2 2nd category PPE compliant with UNI EN ISO 13688 compliant with UNI EN ISO 20471 compliant with UNI EN 343

Sottozero workwear: history of the brand

The Sottozero brand was born with the idea of producing and marketing, both in Italy and abroad, workwear with the right value for money.

The most requested products of the brand are the following:

  • Sweatshirts, soft and resistant, with both full-body and half-zip closures, with comfortable side pockets and sweat-absorbing band at the neck;
  • Winter jacket, proposed in different models, from the linear jacket to the more accessorized models according to the needs of the worker;
  • Coats, jackets and parkas, comfortable and warm even in the coldest seasons, are available in many different models designed to satisfy every type of worker need;
  • Comfortable, elasticated and versatile trousers, to be worn and, if necessary, accessorized with a meter pocket on the right leg and housing for knee protection. Available both long and short, in short version for the summer;
  • Vests, ideal for the intermediate seasons, are equipped with a plastic zipper, a bellows pocket with velcro closure, on the chest on the left side, phone pocket on the chest on the right side, right and left side pockets with gussets, and four pockets side with resistant velcro closure;
  • Sottozero polo shirts and shirts, comfortable and breathable, ideal for distinguishing your team with simplicity and elegance.

Sottozero clothing offers many other models for sale online, all studied in detail and with great attention. The long years of experience in the sector by the manufacturer make the difference, and the result of this workwear is truly excellent, with low prices and quality assurance, which make these workwear appreciated by thousands of customers around the world.

Other products of the Sottozero line

King Kong Work offers its own Sottozero clothing catalog complete with all the information you need to be able to choose the products of this brand quickly and easily, and any garment in our online store is ready for delivery.

In addition to those listed above, softshells are also very popular, garments made of new generation technical fabrics, waterproof and windproof, which perfectly protect the whole body and some essential accessories such as caps, useful for protecting from the sun in summer or from atmospheric agents during the winter.

All Sottozero clothing items are available in different models, colors and with different accessories according to your work needs, for example there are protective and accident prevention garments designed for some sectors.

Protective and accident prevention clothing

Among the protective clothing there is a high visibility line characterized by garments with bright colors or accessorized with reflective details, exceptional for work in busy, dark or dangerous areas or in all those cases in which it is necessary to report one's presence. For example, harnesses to be worn over classic workwear are very comfortable for those who work on road construction sites.

Characteristics of Sottozero workwear

Always striving to satisfy market demands in terms of quality of fabrics, always looking for the best technologies to support maximum operator safety, Sottozero is one of the most established and requested brands on the world market, its designers and stylists make the product every year of great impact in style and design with new solutions of comfort and functionality, for example new-concept zippers, safer and faster to use, innovative fabrics with water-repellent technologies and new more ergonomic and innovative pockets for objects . The company chooses for its production only the fabrics that have those characteristics of resistance, elasticity and modernity, which allow to obtain the maximum result to satisfy its customers.

Sottozero brand clothing and accident prevention are a guarantee of quality and durability for every company looking for a brand to choose for their work uniforms and for the personal protective equipment to be provided to collaborators.

Sottozero workwear customized with your company logo

The personalization of the clothing produced and marketed by Sottozero can be done easily, furthermore we at King Kong Work are able to offer you on our online store, low prices and any type of personalization of the garment, from direct printing to thermo-applied label, up to standard and three-dimensional embroideries, adaptable according to the type of logo of our customers to each item of clothing.



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